Media Spokespeople on Psychology Topics

Louise Adams, Dr Julie Malone and other members of our Treat Yourself Well Sydney team are available to speak to the media regarding selected psychological issues. Please call (02) 9555 4810 for further information.

Louise Adams 

Television Appearances:

6 Dec 16   Channel 9 Today Extra The colouring craze with hidden benefits

26 Sept 16 Channel 7 Sunday Night  - Live Facebook chat with Melissa Doyle on

why women hate their bodies

25 Sept 16  Channel 7 Sunday Night - Channel 7's Sunday Night program tonight, with

Louise Adams facing off against Ashy Bines & the cult of appearance based fitness 

April 13 2016  Channel 9 Today Extra New Food Labels. Healthy Tips or Consumer Shaming?

March 15 2016  ABC2  Hack Live on Body Obsession with Tom Tilley

July 2015 Channel 9's Mornings Facebook Blues

May 2015 Channel 9's Mornings How To Overcome Exercise Anxiety

April 2015 Channel 9's Mornings Pink Defends Herself Against Body Shamers

January 2014 Morning Show, Channel 9 - talking about thinspiration and the 'bikini bridges' craze

November 4 2014: SBS The Feed, Lap Band Limitations

May 2013 SBS Insight Fat Fighters

November 2012 Channel 10 Breakfast Dealing With Obesity

2011 ABC Catalyst Comfort Eating

Print Articles Authored By Louise:

 January 8 2015: Mamamia online:

Katie Hopkins Purposefully Gained 20kg, To Show How "Easy" It Is To Lose Weight 

November 2013: Mamamia online Health At Every Size

August 2011: InPsych Magazine, the Bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society Limited:

Current Approaches To Weight Management: Time For A Change

Radio Interviews With Louise:

 August 11 2017 - ABC National with Christine Anu talking about decision making…/sydney/programs/nationalevenings/

June 12 2015 - Radio National Afternoons show - talking about the health of workers in Australia

September 2014 Radio Interviews on Food Guilt: 

  • Sonya Feldhoff, ABC Adelaide
  • Angela Catterns, 2UE
  • Will Goodings, 5AA Adelaide
  • 2GB
  • 2GB
  • ABC Alice Springs

November 2013 ABC 774 Melbourne with Libby Gore & Dr Rick Kausman - discussing non-diet

approaches to health & wellbeing

October 2013 ABC National Perth - radio interview with Megan Flamer about Drunkorexia

January 2011 Interview with Andrew and Claire Mix 106.5 Breakfast-  Changing habits

January 2011 Interview with Megan Flamer from Radio National - Why diets don't work

Print Articles Featuring Louise: 


May 25 2017: Sydney Morning Herald - 'Fat-hating culture'

May 03 2017: Sydney Morning Herald - Emotional eating: why we do it and how to manage it


Dec 2016: Australian Natural Health - A time for Change

26 June 2016:  Daily Telegraph Body & Soul: FITSPO - Feel good fun or frightening fad

19 May 2016: Juice Daily - Are you a mindless eater?

May 2016:  Practical Parenting - Mum in the Mirror

February 25 2016: Sydney Morning Herald, Life & Style:  Ashy Bines' 'extremely ignorate' Instagram Post

January 8 2016:

Health experts warn of a dangerous trend as survey finds women self criticize 8 times a day


December 2015:  Cleo Girls vs Gluten: When food fads get in the way of friendships

November 30 2015: - Sunday Lifestyle  The Truth About Carbs!

August 14 2015: The Glow online:  "Chrissy Teigen defends her Doritos comments"

Winter 2015  Australian Unity Magazine:  Health - intuitive eating

June 2015 Daily Life How The Fitness Industry Turns Us Off Exercise

March 2015 Mamamia The Photo Of Larry Emdur You Really Shouldn't Send To Your Husband

February 2015 Essential Kids  "Do They Think I'm Fat"? The Way We Talk About Health With Children Matters

January 2015 Sydney Morning Herald  Online: Juicing "guru' mocked on Twitter for ridiculously healthy diet


December 23rd 2014 SBS Online: Be Kind to Yourself, You'll Eat Better

November 13 2014 Take 5 Magazine: How to Stop Emotional Eating

ABC Adelaide Food Guilt an Epidemic of Our Times, Clinical Psychologist Says

September 2014 Life & Style Is Our Obsession With Being Healthy Killing The Joy Of Food? 

July 2014 Body & Soul 7 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Life  

July 2014 Daily Life You Need To Stop The I'm So Bad Talk 

April 2014 Ninemsn Why You Should Stop Your Fad Diet

January 2014 Sydney Morning Herald The Bikini Bridge Emerges As The Latest Thinspiration Craze

Daily Life, January 2014: Is The Biggest Loser Preying on Disadvantaged Communities? 


October 2013 Sydney Morning Herald Are You A Drunkorexic? 

October 2013 Engaging Women Mind and Resilience Training  

August 2013 Engaging Women A Different Take On Heartbreak 

July 2013 Engaging Women How To Motivate Yourself Using Self Love 

June 2013 Sydney Morning Herald Should We Stop Telling Children They Look Beautiful?

March 2013 ABC News Online Being Thin Is No Fairy Tale

March 2013 Sydney Morning Herald Feeding An Emotional Hunger  

March 2013 ABC News Online Aussies Get Plastic Surgery To Help Their Career

February 2013 ABC News Online Does Michelle Obama Have A Fat Butt?

- Louise has featured in media articles dating back to 2009, if you'd like to see

more please email her on

Conference Presentations

'Embrace' Screening and Q&A.  Broadway Cinema, Sydney 26 Aug 16

"Health at Every Size: A Weight-Neutral Approach to Health": Obesity & Eating Disorders

Conference, Gold Coast, May 19th 2015

"Workplace Wellness: Focusing on the Right "W"": Workplace Wellness Symposium, Canberra,

May 13th 2015

"Pre-post evaluation of treatment of clients in a private practice setting with eating disorder
symptoms": Co-presented with Dr Julie Malone at the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Eating
Disorders (ANZAED) 9th Annual Conference, Coogee Beach, 26th August 2011.



"Community Body Positive Meditation", Balmain Library 25 Aug 2016

"Working with weight concerns - the non diet approach" training workshop for health professionals.

Hosted by Louise Adams and Fiona Willer.  27 May, Sydney & 8 July 2016 Melbourne

Mindful Moments by Louise Adams -Community book launch 9 June 2016, Balmain Library.


“Working with weight concern: The non-diet approach. A workshop for psychologists and dietitians”

Workshop co-presented with Fiona Willer, APD, in Albury on 19 June 2015, hosted by the Albury-Wodonga

branch of the Australian Psychological Society

"The Non-Dieting Approach to Health: An Introductory Workshop for Health Professionals":

co-presented with Fiona Willer, APD, Obesity & Eating Disorders Conference, Gold Coast, May 18th 2015 Gold Coast


 "The Non-Diet Approach: A Workshop for Psychologists and Counsellors"

  • July 20th 2014 Sydney- co-presented with Fiona Willer, APD

  • August 21st 2014 Fremantle – co-presented with Fiona Willer, APD

  • October 31st 2014 Melbourne  - co-presented with Fiona Willer, APD
"If Not Dieting, Then What: A 2 Day Training Program" : co-presented with Dr Rick Kausman,
Melbourne, 29 & 30 October 2010
Future workshops on the non-diet approach are planned for 2015 and 2016, please, click here for details.


2016:  NEW - Mindful Moments by Louise Adams

Discover how compassion can transform your life.   Build a healthier relationship with your mind and body.

Break free and realise the life you've always dreamed.

'Mindful Moments' is available through Wilkinson publishing, online, in newsagents throughout Australia.

Signed copies  of 'Mindful Moments' are available from Treat Yourself Well:  RRP: $12.99.   


2014: The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Psychologists & Counsellors by Louise Adams & Fiona Willer.
The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Psychologists and Counsellors is a practical how-to guide for
applying the non-diet approach in therapeutic counselling settings. The non-diet approach is the
clinical application of the Health at Every Size (R) paradigm. This approach is particularly helpful
for people (of all shapes and sizes) with weight concern.


Dr Julie Malone


Television Appearances

July 2013 SBS Insight Episode 18  Brotox

Radio Interviews with Julie:

May 2014 Radio National Brotox

Feb 2010 Community Radio 2SER (FM) Mental Health spokesperson community radio 2SER (FM) 

Print Articles Featuring Julie:


Jan 2016 Cleo Magazine: Why am I always so tired?


Nov 2015 Herald Sun  Body Image a heavy burden on men

July 2015  Dont blame it on Barbie, the issue is body shaming

July 2014 Sydney Morning Herald Designer Vaginas

July 2014 New Idea Extreme Look-a-like surgery

April 2014 Womens Fitness Magazine The Lone Ranger

March 2014 Fernwood Magazine Maintenance Habits

2011 Cosmopolitan Annual Health and Fitness, Issue 2 Professional Advisory Health Panel

Feb 2011  Picture Perfect review

Feb 2011  Picture Perfect review

Feb 2011 Cleo  Why are we so obsessed with other people's bodies?

Feb 2009  The Australian  A Mania For Makeovers

February 2009 Daily Telegraph Boob Jobs Can Be An Uplifting Experience, Research Shows

June 2004  In Psych Magazine  Psychosocial outcomes in cosmetic surgery

Conference Presentations

"Debunking the Diet Myth and how to Treat Yourself Well." University of the Third Age, Epping,

16th June and Hornsby, 17th June 2015

"Pre-post evaluation of treatment of clients in a private practice setting with eating disorder symptoms":
Co-presented with Louise Adams at the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED) 9th Annual
Conference, Coogee Beach, 26th August 2011.

Emma Webster

Print Articles Featuring Emma:

August 2012  Grazia Magazine  Binge Thinker




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