Welcome to Treat Yourself Well,
an inspirational non-dieting health and wellness program developed by expert clinical psychologists at Sydney's leading specialist psychology clinic for eating issues, body image, health and wellness.

Ditch Dieting and Change Your Life!

With Treat Yourself Well you'll learn an evidence based, effective non-dieting approach to looking after your health. Clinical trials have proven that non-diet approaches are hands down better than dieting for long term health.

Don’t leave your health in the hands of the weight loss industry. They only want your money. As clinical psychologists, we’ve seen the damage that dieting does. And we know how to help you, using science, not fads.

Treat Yourself Well teaches you step by step how to use key psychological strategies which will give you lasting lifestyle change. We'll teach you how to change your life, your wellbeing & your health for good – all without dieting. We promise, no powders, no potions, no shakes, no calorie counting or adding up points! Get your life back on track - join up today!


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