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Men’s Mental Health

Thinking Well is for everyone

Looking after your emotional and psychological well-being is not just for females. Treat Yourself Well is proud to welcome men of all ages and we have seen an increase in men coming for support. Men are typically known for bottling things up and not talking about their feelings. But things need to change, and we encourage men of any age to give it a go. Trying to deal with things on your own and not talking with a professional about it increases the risk of depression and anxiety going unrecognised and untreated.

Everyone’s emotional health varies over their life span and seeking support needs to be seen as a positive responsible thing to do. Sometimes men will experience mild to severe symptoms of mental health conditions. In addition to this, men go through a variety of responses to different stressors and events going on in life.

Men experience a wide range of experiences, just like anyone else, for example

  • Relationship breakups

  • Separation from children and   parenting challenges

  • Workplace pressures and stress

  • Bullying

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loneliness

  • Sexuality and/ or intimacy difficulties

  • Food related problems such as restricting or binge eating

  • Body image difficulties / weight loss

  • Body dysmorphia (bigorexia/muscle dysmorphia)

  • Grief and loss

  • Difficulties with alcohol/drugs or gambling

  • Retirement and other life adjustments

  • Physical illness

Having time with a psychologist will help you to understand what’s going on. You will have a better sense of why you feel and think the way you do, and you will explore options of what you would like to change and how. The aim of speaking with a psychologist is so that you can gain improvements in your quality of life, have more fulfilling relationships with others and experience more joy.

You may have noticed that your thinking style about certain things is limiting your ability to move on or let go of something that has angered or hurt you. This pattern of thinking will also result in feeling a certain way more often than you would like, such as feeling inadequate, anxious or worried, feeling angry or confused. Talking about yourself in an open and non-judgemental way with your psychologist will allow you to feel sale to explore patterns in your life that you may wish to change.

Seeing a psychologist for the first time can be a little uncomfortable. Just remember your emotional and psychological health is a crucial part of you feeling well as a whole person, and psychologists at Treat Yourself Well are patient and kind, and you will be taken care of.

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