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Referral Guidelines

How To Refer To Our Psychologists

To refer a client to the experienced psychologists at Treat Your Self Well Sydney, we've streamlined the process to ensure ease and efficiency. Below, you'll find downloadable PDF's that outline the steps and information required for referral. At Treat Your Self Well Sydney we are dedicated to facilitating seamless connections and providing impeccable support. 

For Autism Assessment

The how to refer to Treat Your Self Well psychologists for an autism assessment form offers a comprehensive guide to our services, including detailed information on service types available, suitable client demographics for each service, the number of sessions included, and the referral process. It outlines the steps for referring clients, ensuring a smooth transition into our care. Additionally, the document highlights Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items applicable to our services, providing clarity on billing and reimbursement. Post-assessment procedures are also explained, ensuring continuity of care and effective outcomes for our clients.  

We encourage you to download the document below to access this valuable information and streamline the referral process for optimal client care.

Treat Yourself Well Psychology How to Refer to our Psychologists
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