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Individual Counselling

Hello there...

Feeling like you could do with a listening ear and a nice cup of tea?


Follow me.


A lot of people think life is all about the doing of things; the staying afloat, the big smiles and the always-polite: "I'm good, how are you?"


What we don't always talk about is how fulfilling the quiet moments can be. Those little pockets of time, far away from it all; reserved for slowing down, breathing out, and feeling things through. No matter who we are, or what we do, those moments can do us a world of good. Not because we 'need' them, but because we deserve them.


Sometimes a chat with a friend does the trick. Other times, and we all know those other times, something richer, warmer and more attentive is, well, how can we put this delicately? It's like, a million times better!


Sorry, no offense to your friends 😊


And it is not because something is wrong with you, or because your needs are too much, or anything like that. It's because you are human, and humans tend to appreciate a wholesome, healing moment, that is just for them.


Maybe you don't have anxiety, but your mind is running in circles.

Maybe you don't have depression, but you have been clawing through your days like they are made of mud.

Maybe you don't have relationship problems, but you've been arguing more and smiling less.


That's okay. That's human. And Individual counseling could be the very thing your routine has been craving.


On that note, here we are! Take a look around.


What do you see?

Couches, flowers, and a super cute dog sneaking away with a pillow..


That's Pippa, she's our chief client experience officer. She takes her job very seriously, but even she can be a little bit naughty sometimes! Good on her, we say.


What do you hear?

Piano. Gentle and soft.


What do you smell?

Vanilla and cinnamon. I love it!


There's more where that came from, It's different every week.

What do you feel?

Warm and cozy.


What do you taste?

Warm tea.


And how do you feel?

Calm. Good. Better.


Good. And that's just our waiting room!


Wait until you meet your psychologist, they will do what they do best. They will listen - but, really listen. They will be there just for you, not for themselves, not for anyone else, they are here for you, and only you. They will pick up on the things that others - and maybe even you - would usually miss. And they will hold the emotional space for you, with empathy and compassion, and total respect for every part of who you are, while gently guiding you towards whatever outcomes you are hoping for.


Maybe you've come with a list of topics, and maybe you have no idea what to talk about. That's okay. The hard part is done - you're in the waiting room, sipping your tea and smiling at Pippa.


Your psychologist knows how to take it from here, and soon you will too.


Welcome to Treat Yourself Well Sydney.

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