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Looking for a psychologist in Balmain?

Providing compassion based psychology  services in the Inner West

Living in the Inner West provides us with a great café culture, wonderful parks, and foreshores for playing with our children and our dogs and a fabulous community vibe! We are also most likely to be juggling the demands of children and jobs with the common renovation up the road! We now have homeschooling in that mix with a great bear hunt to boot during our daily walks for fresh air! Thanks inner west mums for this great initiative.  

Treat Yourself Well is committed to providing you with ongoing support while we physically distance ourselves. This does not mean social isolation or social distancing! We are transforming the way we provide our psychology, yoga, and meditation services. Welcome videohealth and telehealth. From 30 March to 30 September 2020, we have a whole of population telelhealth/ videohealth approach for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and couple, family, relationship matters. 

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