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Welcome to the practice Tanya!

Back in 2005, Clinical Psychologist Louise Adams began a private psychology practice in the backstreets of Balmain. Back then it was called "Self Essentials", and it started out as just one tiny practice room! In 2007 Louise welcomed Dr Julie Malone as a business partner, and from there we grew and matured, building a beautiful boutique practice which continued to grow and prosper. Self Essentials became Treat Yourself Well Sydney, and we became known for providing the community with high quality care in a beautiful setting. Treat Yourself Well Sydney developed a niche reputation in non-diet approaches to eating disorders, body image, and weight concern as well as offering high quality psychological treatment for a wide range of general issues including depression, anxiety, stress and interpersonal issues.

As Treat Yourself Sydney continues to grow and mature, change is in the air! We are proud to welcome on board new owner and Principal Psychologist, Tanya Franic. We are all excited about this new chapter and we will continue to provide our signature high quality care to all of our clients and to the community. Louise and Julie are still very much a part of the team, and we are looking forward to continue the story together!

Tanya is a Psychologist and Registered Supervisor with 20 years experience providing a range of clinical and behavioural assessments for individuals with complex needs. Tanya brings skills and knowledge in trauma informed care and approaches, severe and persistent mental illness, attachment, neurobiology, positive parenting and positive behaviour support utilising DBT, CBT, ACT, compassion and mindfulness practices.

Tanya is a compassionate and mindful Psychologist, dedicated to supporting and promoting wellness, and will continue to build our niche reputation in the treatment of eating disorders and non-diet approaches to body image, disordered eating and weight concern.


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