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Weight Concerns?

Dieting? Let us show you a better way.

Treat Yourself Well is one of Sydney’s leading psychology practice who delivers a non diet approach to health and weight concerns. We area strong advocates of the Health at Every Size (HAES) model and we promote body size and shape diversity. Psychologists at Treat Yourself Well move the focus away from how much you weigh and help you become health and wellbeing focused. Rather than hating yourself for not being thin enough, you'll become compassionate and loving towards yourself, which leads to lasting self care.


You won't need to use 'willpower' to 'eat right' you'll learn to want to look after yourself and treat yourself well and enjoy the enormous benefits that good health & positive body image can give you. In non-diet approaches, the typical dieting behaviours of weighing and measuring food and body, recording detailed food diaries, extensive forward planning and timing of meals, specific weight loss goals and the use of ‘diet’ foods are firmly discouraged.


Treat Yourself Well psychologists use a much more gentle approach, allowing you to build skills and confidence in your own innate ability to select appropriate foods for your body in appropriate amounts. Psychologists at Treat Yourself Well will help you understand your relationship with food, as this is often an emotional relationship. Your therapist will teach you how to listen to the physiological cues of hunger and fullness so that you can establish a more mindful or intuitive relationship with food. As a result of this, you will also learn that you can trust your body, as many people become to believe they cannot trust their body and as a result try to control their body and restrict food. The practice of dieting or restricting food for the vast majority of people with weight concern is unhelpful.


Psychologists at Treat Yourself Well using the non-diet approach principles can help you move towards better health without dieting in the context of your own family, medical, lifestyle, weight and dieting history. Clinical trials have shown that the non-diet approach can have widespread benefits, including decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing body dissatisfaction and depression, increasing physical activity levels and fitness, and weight stabilising or weight loss - much healthier than continuing to yoyo! And much better than the shame, guilt and self-hatred that often accompanies dieting.


If your relationship with food, emotions, your body and your body weight are a considerable cause of distress for you, we can help you to see the world and yourself from a new, more compassionate, perspective.

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