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Comprehensive Educational Assessment

What is a Comprehensive Educational Assessment? 

A comprehensive educational assessment involves both, a cognitive and an achievement test, to gain a full and contextual understanding of an individual’s educational strengths and weakness, as well as areas requiring targeted support.

Components of a Comprehensive Educational Assessment

The educational assessment incorporates the following:

  1. Intake and Clinical Interview

  2. Cognitive Assessment (WAIS IV)

  3. Achievement Assessment (WIAT III)


  1. If identified as appropriate or required - an additional assessment / screener tool

  2. Feedback session with the individual and, if desired, their loved ones

  3. Comprehensive strengths-focused and tailored report that details the assessment outcome with targeted recommendations

Comprehensive Educational Assessment Breakdown

The comprehensive educational assessment serves to provide an in-depth examination of the nature and cause of any academic struggles, strengths, and capabilities. This assessment provides a holistic picture of an individual’s intellectual and academic ability, combined.


A full comprehensive educational assessment also allows the clinician to understand how varying factors may be impacting an individual’s performance and presentation in valued life areas, including university, and the workplace.


Following any assessment, your Psychologist will provide a comprehensive report explaining all the tests that were used, along with the results, and a list of recommendations for home, educational settings, and/or work.

A 30 minute to 1 hour feedback session is then held, to explain the results, go through the report and answer any additional questions. This session can be used for planning further assessment or intervention, if required.


1 hour interview to gather background information about the person and their development


Approx. 2 hours of testing with WAIS-IV and WIAT-lll each (may need to be done over 2 separate occasions)


Detailed assessment report of findings with behavioural and educational recommendations


Up to 1 hour feedback session

Want to find out more?

To learn more or to enquire about our comprehensive educational assessment, contact us at:, or give us a call on (02) 9555 4810.

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