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Psychology Services

At Treat Yourself Well Sydney we integrate Mind and Body. We take an intersectional and transdiagnostic approach to working with individuals. We are relational and compassionate in our approach and embrace diversity in all in shape, sizes, gender and neurotype. Our key areas of interest are Eating Disorders, Trauma, Neurodiversity and the intersection of these areas.


We have developed a niche reputation in working with eating disorders and body image and we recognise the importance of integrating mind and body. Not one of these diagnoses operates in isolation and our goal is to work with you to help you live the life that you want to live where we acknowledge our biology,  validate our experiences and embrace what we have to offer. 

Learn more about our intersectional model of working with complex presentations.

Individual Counselling

We offer individual psychology sessions with children, adolescents, and adults. We can help with anxiety,  depression and sadness, stress, bullying, relationship and interpersonal difficulties, perfectionism, grief and loss, trauma, eating disorders, neurodiversity, issues related to gender and identity and complex trauma. 

For children - we request an initial appointment with their parent(s) to discuss the reasons for seeking support, help and treatment for their child. 

Couples Counselling

We also have a few Psychologists who frequently work with couples and work with you to explore interpersonal and relational challenges and differences.

Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

We have a number of Psychologists who are trained in EMDR and able to provide this specific Trauma Treatment. Initial appointments are 80-90 minutes duration. During this initial appointment, the Psychologist will review the process with you and together determine the course of treatment. 

Assessments - for Children and Adults

We offer child and adult cognitive and educational assessments and adult ADHD/Autism Assessments. 

For information about Adult Assessments, please contact our reception team on We are neurodiversity affirming and this is the lens we operate under.

At Treat Yourself Well Sydney, we respect and acknowledge neurodiversity and the strengths and difficulties it can present. We note the following;

  • Assessment for diagnostic purposes can be obtained through a consultation and assessment with a Psychiatrist. This process does not require a standardised psychological psychometric component. It is noted however, that some Psychiatrists will request an assessment from a Psychologist to assist their diagnostic profiling and decision making process.

  • Assessment is required either by a Psychologist or Psychiatrist to obtain medication from a Psychiatrist. GPs do not prescribe ADHD medication and a review with a Psychiatrist is required.

  • If you require the assessment for study, work or NDIS funding requirements, we can discuss this further with you during the initial appointment to determine the most appropriate assessment tools. 

Group Programs - Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 

RODBT is an evidence based transdiagnostic approach that assists individuals with characteristics of overcontrol including perfectionism, obsessive compulsive tendencies and the need to have all things in order :). These are great qualities but sometimes they get in the way of us living the way we want to live. RODBT is aimed at helping you determine when it helpful and not helpful to do so based on your values and your needs and your own neurotype.  

Parenting Support /Consultations

Parenting is a tough gig! We value you as parents and are here to support you as much as your child. We can provide one -off consultations or regular parenting support sessions aimed at supporting you and your family to enhance your connection with each other and support each other through challenges while learning about differences. If you would like to hear more about how we can support you, please contact us on


We also provided supervision in the areas of attachment, early childhood trauma, complex trauma, eating disorders and neurodiversity. Please contact us on for more inforamtion.  

External Consultation

We can also provide external consultation to allied health professionals, schools, medical professionals in relation to working with complex presentations and developing a way forward in the best interests of the individual. Please contact and be linked up with our Director and Principal Psychologist, Tanya Franic. 

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