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What makes therapy effective is the communication between you and your therapist. All healing occurs in a relational context and it is through this that we can feel safe to be open, explore, grow and treat yourself well. Most of our clients come for individual therapy where the session is one-on-one with the psychologist. However, we also frequently see couples together and even larger family groups. We also run workshops and group sessions. There are many different psychological approaches to therapy, and our practitioners will work with you to find the right approach. Some of the well known approaches we use are listed here.

  • Tanya Franic

    Tanya has extensive experience working in the Disability and Family and Community Services Sector working with children, adolescents and young adults with behavioural, emotional, social and developmental presentations including ADHD, complex trauma and high risk populations.



  • Alana Dulgaro

    Growing up as an elite athlete, Alana quickly learned the role psychology plays in our life. Alana works with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. She works with anxiety, depression, adjustment, body image, eating disorders, self-esteem, trauma, relationship difficulties and personality disorders. Alana is committed to supporting her clients to live a full and meaningful life.


  • Dr Julie Malone

    Whether it be anxiety, grief or loss, low confidence, fear, relationship difficulties and separation, parenting, or problematic eating and body image struggles, Julie will work with you to help improve your experience of the world. Julie is available for appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 



  • Drazenka Floyd

    Drazenka is a registered psychologist and an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society.

    Formally a clinical director of the Butterfly Foundation and the Eating Disorder Foundation, Drazenka has a particular interest in helping people with eating disorders and weight struggles using a non diet approach.


  • Georgia Gardiner

    Georgia is a warm and engaging Psychologist who is passionate about supporting clients to build a better understanding of themselves.  She aims to provide a safe space for her clients to process difficult emotions. Georgia works with complex trauma, self-disorders, anxiety, grief, self-esteem issues, stress management and drug and alcohol dependence.


  • Melissa Gilkes

    Melissa is passionate about providing a safe environment where clients can feel listened to, understood, respected, and supported to work collaboratively towards reconnecting with themselves and their lives, at a pace comfortable to the individual.


  • Dr Milica Kecmanovic

    Milica has experience in working with individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias, eating disorders, relationships, and life adjustments within a cross cultural context. Milica works with adolescents and adults using ACT, CBT, Narrative Therapy, Schema Therapy and Mindfulness. She is a Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar and is a SIRA approved provider. 



  • Ella Tremaine

    Ella is our provisional psychologist who is interested in sport and performance. She loves to discuss perfectionism, the pros and cons of it, and how to live a great life. She is also active in the field of neurological trauma in competitive athletes.  Ella provides our educational assessments for children and is interested in cognitive development. 


  • Gavin Riley

    Gavin’s experience and primary focus is in helping children and adolescents manage emotions, connect with their values, utilise mindfulness, develop healthy relationships, and realise their potential. 

    Gavin’s honours research focused on the mechanisms of change within mindfulness and their impact on physical health outcomes for populations with chronic disease.



  • Karen Cumming

    Our Chief Client Welcome Officer. Karen will make you feel relaxed and comfortable when you visit our Balmain office and when you speak to her on the phone. You may also meet her dogs Pippa and Barney who are often found lounging around our rooms. Karen is motivated to ensuring that you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you speak to us... 


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Treat Yourself Well Sydney is known for providing the community with high quality care in a beautiful setting. Since 2005 we have developed a niche reputation in non-diet approaches to eating disorders, body image, and weight concern as well as offering high quality psychological treatment for a wide range of general issues including depression, anxiety, stress and interpersonal issues.

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