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A cognitive assessment is an individually administered intelligence test that is designed to measure general cognitive ability (IQ) and to provide a profile of individual strengths and weaknesses in cognitive functioning. Our Psychologists are highly trained in the administration and scoring of intelligence tests and in providing comprehensive reports.

Suspect your child has an intellectual deficit or is gifted? Or perhaps a school teacher or guidance officer has noticed some strengths and weaknesses in your child’s cognition or learning style. A cognitive assessment can determine if any of these are the case. It can also be used to identify deficits in executive functioning, attention, memory, concentration and motivation.


When interpreted alongside the child’s background information, including parent and teacher reports, the results of cognitive assessments can provide information about your child which can assist to develop individualised learning plans and support them to reach their full potential.


To assess the cognitive ability of children between the ages of 6 years through to 16 years 11 months, we use the WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5th edition).

Reports & Feedback

Following any assessment, your Psychologist will provide a comprehensive report explaining all tests used and all results, along with a comprehensive summary and list of recommendations for home, place of learning and/or work.

A 30 minute to 1 hour feedback session is then held with the client or parent/s to explain the results, go through the report and answer any additional questions. This session can also be used for planning of any further assessment or intervention that an individual may need or a parent may want to engage their child in.

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