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Body Diversity

Sameness is fine, it’s validating, it’s comforting, it makes us feel connected. But nothing hits quite like difference. Difference is the reason you can get on uber eats and have options beyond a burger and fries. Difference is the reason you can travel to another country and come back with stories and new perspectives. Difference is the reason why 1 + 1 does equal 3. Our world is made better by difference. That’s why nature is so completely full of it.

Plants also exist in different colours, shapes and sizes. So, naturally, we develop botanical gardens, florists and nurseries so we can bask in the masses of prettiness their diversity offers. Why? Because diversity is a gift. It’s natural, it’s BEAUTIFUL! And we love it!

And yet, when a beautiful, real-ass human being dares to own and embrace their natural body, they are met again and again with reactions of actual lunacy from society.

We’re talking about all natural bodies here - thin, tall, short, fat, disabled, abled, trans, brown, black

white, yellow, red, hairy, bald, outies, innies, toned, big, small, muscley, wrinkly, curvy, flat, whatever. None of us fully escape society’s judgement and discrimination. But some people receive much worse treatment than most, despite the very factual and scientific reality that their bodies are exactly as they should be.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of society’s judgement and discrimination based on your body, then maybe you know. Maybe you know that a simple doctor’s visit can become the most exposing, hurtful, and even terrifying experience in the world. Or that buses, trains and planes are never really safe. Maybe you know what it’s like to never feel quite good enough, or to doubt yourself constantly, or to have to work twice as hard as everyone else. Maybe you know what it’s like to miss out on opportunities for no good reason at all, or to find basic items you need, nowhere. Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in, and maybe you feel like you don’t even qualify for participation.

Maybe you already know that years and years of unsolicited comments, health advice, movies, tv

shows, social media, medical neglect, inappropriate facilities, dating rejections and shitty treatment

from strangers will never just disappear overnight with a simple juice cleanse, or face lift, or

achievement, or any kind of “perfect” under the sun.

Maybe, your experience in this world has been traumatic. And maybe you’ve been convinced that your body is the problem. Let us assure you: the world has been so incredibly unfair to you. Your body is and always was fine and you deserved so much better.

The body inclusivity movement is about taking on the body-judgement in society and supporting all body types equally. It’s about sending the right message, the truthful message: that you are all valid, worthy and special. Your bodies are all as they should be, and as totally fine as they are, your bodies do not define you or how you should be treated.

If you have had experiences like those mentioned here, TYW psychologists are ready to hear you and hold a trauma informed and compassionate space for you for as long as you need. You will be so very embraced with us, and we encourage you to reach out to us whenever you feel ready.


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