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Welcome Natalie - Personalised Yoga Sessions

It is with great pleasure that we are able to welcome Natalie Haider to our team. Natalie is a Yoga Teacher and Psychologist and is able to offer personalised yoga sessions in our Balmain practice.

Traditionally, yoga was always taught one to one to ensure that yoga meets the individual where they are at and guides them to where they want to be.

Personalised yoga can provide powerful transformation through benefiting the mind, body, breath, and emotional and psychological states. Some specific benefits of yoga include decreasing stress, depression and anxiety; promoting sleep quality; improving breathing; encouraging intuitive eating; and building tolerance of intense emotions such as in trauma.

As well as being a 500-hour trained Yoga Teacher, Natalie has worked as a Psychologist since 2002. She is a Health At Every Size ® practitioner, passionate about providing every body with a safe and fun space to participate in yoga for holistic wellness. Her special interest lies in helping women to develop a positive relationship with their mind, body, and movement.

To make an appointment for a personalised yoga session with Natalie contact us on 9555 4810 or email us on info@treatyourselfwell.com.au

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