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For a Healthy Mind and Body

Compassion Focused and Trauma Informed Psychology Practice.

♥ Happy Mardi Gras ♥

Treat Yourself Well Happy Mardi Gras

Our credentialed eating disorder clinicians provide psychological assessment, treatment and intervention for eating disorders.  We recognise the intersection of trauma, anxiety, depression,  relationship and interpersonal matters.

Our highly experienced team use a wide range of evidence based practices that are tailored to you,
supporting you in your pathway to recovery. 

Our clinicians have been keeping the Inner West Well since 2007! 


We have bredth and depth of knowlege about body image difficulties, problematic eating, and take a weight neutral and inclusive approach to health.


We move the focus from weight and size towards your health and wellbeing - you will become compassionate and loving towards yourself, which leads to lasting self care.  

We acknowledge the impact of early attachment and neurodevelopment on the development of self,
recognise the disruptions resulting from acute and complex trauma and its effect on our body and our mind.

The heart of what we do is to motivate and empower you to embrace your true self and treat yourself in the best possible way, psychologically and physically.


We are neurodiversity affirming.

Happy Family - Treat Yourself Well

beyou. doyou.

Let us help you find your way back to you.

Our key approaches

Compassion Focussed

Compassion is an essential aspect of wellbeing. The overarching goal is to cultivate compassion for self and others and reduce shame and self criticism. It brings together neuroscience and psychology to help us understand what drives us to behave, feel or think in these particular ways and help us learn new strategies that generate contentment and safety.

Mindfulness Based

When we are practising mindfulness we are engaged fully in what we are doing rather than ‘getting lost’ in thoughts. We are allowing feelings and thoughts to be as they are, letting them come and go rather than trying to push them away or make them stay. Mindfulness simply means being in the present moment with awareness, openness, and acceptance. Mindfulness contributes to an acceptance of self without judgement.

Trauma Informed

Being trauma informed is understanding trauma and its effects on development, health, wellbeing, relationships and the world around us.

Trauma Informed Practice brings together neurobiology, an understanding of attachment, and our early developmental experiences to foster physical, emotional and psychological safety. It is a strengths based framework recognising that we responded the best way we could.

Healing from trauma occurs in a relational context. The goal is to work with the mind and body to develop a sense of safety in the world around us, build trust, develop skills and create opportunities for empowerment.

Heart made out of hands - Treat Yourself Well


We are a body diversity, neuro diversity
affirming practice. You matter. 

Therapeutic, thoughtful space

Our beautifully appointed and private rooms help you feel super comfortable. When you arrive, you'll meet Karen who will welcome you, show you around and take care of all the admin.

We are a Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

Embracing diversity, inclusion & bodies of all shapes and sizes

Carnival Swing Ride


Let us show you a radical integrative approach
to emotional wellbeing. 


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